Day Home

Day Home (Outpatient Long-Term Care for Dementia Patient)

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Ongoing At-Home Living

Day Home is a facility that supports elderly persons with dementia so they can continue living with peace of mind in the local community they know.

An Extension of Everyday Life

A dedicated shuttle bus brings people to the home where they are provided with our various services, from health checks, hobbies, and inspiration activities to functional recovery training, meals, and bathing. The facility provides services as needed, based on living conditions at home. It is intended as a second home enabling people to live in their own homes for as long as possible.

A Place to Come with Peace of Mind

The small facility serves only 12 people, and nearly every day the same people and same staff members come. This creates a reassuring environment where familiar faces greet people and laughter abounds as they talk of old times.


The products of everyone’s hobbies and inspiration activities are shared with the general public in the form of exhibitions (same for other services as well).